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Tips to Block Light From The Sides of Your Blinds

Blinds are often the perfect choice for several types of properties. Not only do they let in light and highlight the most charming features of your home, but they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and allow you to mix up your decor when necessary.

However, the one pitfall that you dislike is when the sides of the blinds are open and the sun’s rays stream in through the gaps. Whether it’s in the morning or the evening, it can ruin the mood and impact your sleep.

Thankfully, we’re experts in everything blind-related in the Mornington area and have the best tips to eliminate the problem!

Choose Your Blinds Wisely

Blinds might tend to leave gaps at the sides, but you can confound the issue picking a poor choice of shades. Take roller blinds as an example. Unlike timber and Roman window dressings, they have large gaps to the sides of the fabric that are natural. As a result, they’ll only make the room lighter if you already have big windows that require extra coverage. In this case, outdoor blinds could be the wisest option as you can tailor the outdoor awnings (there’s more space outside than inside).

Add Light Blockers for Blinds

If you already have your shades installed and don’t want to remove them, the next step is to add light blockers. These covers are L-shaped and designed to sit either in front or behind the window so that they cover the naked part. The closer to the side of your blinds, the more light they’ll prevent from entering the room. Plus, you can cut them down to size and tweak the shape if they aren’t the ideal fit. It’s best to fiddle with the covers to ensure that you find the perfect spot that blocks the most light.

Mount The Blinds Above The Window Or Outside

An outside awning is an excellent choice as it affords you more leeway regarding the length and width of your blinds. Typically, shades that are mounted externally are adjustable – you can order them with an extra couple of inches – as there are fewer space limitations. Around four to six inches should be about right. For those who don’t want outdoor blinds, you can mount the shade above the window so that it overlaps the entirety of the opening and negates any holes. Just be aware that you may see a soft glow of light. However, it’s nowhere near as harsh as the light from exposed gaps.

Layer Them

The last option you may want to consider is to layer your blinds with curtains or drapes. Although you prefer the flexibility of window shades, you need to deal with the excess light as it’s impacting your lifestyle. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between curtains and blinds if you opt for the layering technique! You can either close them completely or hang them by the edges so that they naturally fill the gaps when they’re not pulled shut.

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