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Roller Blinds vs Roman Blinds: Make The Right Choice

For many proud homeowners, a set of chic curtains is the perfect addition to their home. However, for others, blinds are more in-keeping with their style and design. If you’re looking for the perfect set of blinds to dress your windows, you might be struggling to decide between the two most popular styles of blinds; roman blinds and roller blinds.

The benefits of Roman blinds

Roman blinds have become a very popular choice with homeowners in recent years. They’re popular as they strike a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design. They can be made in a wide range of modern designs, but the overall look is still elegant and classic.

Unlike most styles of blinds, roman blinds are perfectly smooth when they are pulled down. This makes them hang flat against the window. However, when the blinds have been opened, they have an attractive pleat which brings a more traditional look to the design or your room.

Roman blinds also have other benefits:

  • The complement curtains well. The pleated design goes well with curtains, making them a good choice if you can’t decide between blinds and curtains.
  • They offer high levels of privacy because they’re made of one piece of fabric with no gaps.
  • You have plenty of light control, as you can raise or lower the blinds completely or somewhere in the middle.
  • They’re a stylish choice. Roman blinds come in a wide range of different textiles, so you can match them to your taste easily.

The benefits of roller blinds

Roller blinds are similar to Roman blinds and have many of the same advantages. However, there are a few differences that mean some people prefer roller blinds over Roman blinds. The different styles are suited to different kinds of people.

Roller blinds, like Roman blinds, are made with one piece of fabric. They will hang straight when down, without any ribbed sections or creases. However, roller blinds have a more minimalist look than Roman blinds. Roller blinds also don’t pleat when open, unlike Roman blinds. Instead, the fabric rolls around the pole as you raise the blind, hiding the fabric and the design from view.

This style is best suited to homes that a simple, modern, minimal aesthetic, or for rooms where excess material isn’t the best choice, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

There are other benefits to roller blinds:

  • They have an understated but sophisticated design. They fit flush against the window and have a classic, simple style that suits a more modern style of home.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain. There are no individual slats to dust or lots of fabric to care for and keep clean.
  • They allow maximum light exposure. Due to the neatness when they’re rolled up, there is no excess fabric to block the light from getting into the room.
  • They are ideal for lower budgets. As they’re less decorative than Roman blinds, roller blinds are made with less fabric, making them cheaper to produce, and therefore to buy.

In the end, both Roller Blinds & Roman blinds offer great style, and a good amount of control over the light you let in. Roller blinds provide more value for money, whereas Roman blinds can work better when paired with curtains. The best choice will ultimately come down to the style of your home and your personal taste. For expert advice that can save you time & money, call All Star Blinds today on 1300 782 317.

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