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  • Free on-site consultation, measure and easy-to-understand quote
  • Provision of samples and colour advice
  • Measured and installed within three weeks, by some of the best craftspeople in the trade
  • Removal and disposal of your current window dressings
  • Thorough instructions and advice on how to use your new blinds
  • Five-year guarantee

We design, build and fit beautifully crafted timber shutters and blinds for internal or external use, as well as awnings to suit any property.



  • A made-to-order block out blind, is the ideal solution for a bedroom, thanks to its perfect fit and ability to keep out the daylight until you’re ready to invite it in!
  • If your lounge room faces directly onto the street, a screen blind or vertical blind can be fitted to sliding doors, protecting your privacy by allowing you to see out, while not allowing others to see in.
  • A roller blind, doubtless the most popular style of blind on the market today, can be made with plain fabric that’s easy to clean and maintain, or with a variety of different colours, textures and fleck to suit your individual taste.
  • The classic timber Venetian blind remains a functional, affordable and adaptable option, suitable for just about any room, and with wood grains and a glossy finish that will bring will warmth, ambience and a sense of sophistication.
  • A Roman blind offers a sleek and stylish alternative to roller or Venetian blinds, made using softer fabric in a host of shades, and giving a modern, on-trend look.
  • Lumen blinds are a smoothly-operating roller blinds that offer unrestricted views, while also protecting the privacy of your home.


  • Timber shutters are truly timeless, and add a certain elegance and beauty to any home environment.
  • Aluminium shutters offer extra security, while simultaneously adding both style and value to your home.
  • Polytherm shutters provide a high-quality PVC alternative that reflects the classic look and feel of other shutters, yet are perfect for wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms.


Awnings & Curtains

  • Our versatile selection of awnings uses a straight drop fitting style, the perfect option for cover without the need for numerous extra fixtures. From acrylic to classic canvas, we have a material to suit all requirements.
  • Allstar’s stunning designer curtains are created to ensure a long lasting and elegant window dressing, using only the finest and most robust fabrics, components and fittings.

Initial Consultation 

We take the time at the beginning of every project to consult with you and understand your needs, objectives and tastes, we are able to design a custom solution just for you, that will perfectly fit your space, while simultaneously providing privacy, visibility and shade.

Offering the highest quality finish, our reputation is built on a commitment to ensuring each and every job exceeds our customer’s expectations, every time. It is little wonder, therefore, that we enjoy long lasting client relationships, repeat business and glowing recommendations.

vertical blinds
Vertical Blinds 6 1 min

Custom Design 

So why Allstar and not one of the larger providers? By visiting a larger distributor, you are likely to end up with a ‘one-size-fits-all solution’, not built to suit your specific space, and likely produced for quantity over quality.


Installation is also often carried out to a lesser standard by some of the bigger players, while the cheaper plastic mechanisms often installed can also pose problems and ultimately fail altogether. Conversely, Allstar products are installed using the most effective components and processes, thanks to our own leading-edge patented systems, that will ensure our fittings stand the test of time.

Essentially, without taking expert advice relating to your own unique requirements, you risk ending up with a window dressing that is inappropriate for the required space, application, look and feel.

Venetian Blinds 1 1 min
Venetian Blinds 7 1 min

Family Owned & Operated 

The undisputed experts in superior window furnishings, the team at Allstar will add style, functionality and value to your home, without the need to spend a fortune …

Thanks to our team’s creative flair, we design, build and fit the most beautifully crafted timber shutters and blinds for internal or external use, as well as awnings to suit any property.

A family owned and operated business, Allstar has established a reputation for being a leader in the field. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and flexibility, with measurements, textures, patterns and colours mixed and matched to create your ideal solution.

“Wayne was great. He came round to measure up the place. He was on time, courteous and knew what he was talking about. Wayne made a few suggestions about the types and style of blinds that would suit our place. He also had a large sample book for us to go through which made it easier to pick our colour scheme. The blinds were delivered and installed ontime. All in all, it was a great experience and we would highly recommend Wayne to anyone.”

– Nathan Harding 

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What kind of blinds are best for living rooms?

This is a hard question to answer without knowing some specifics about the room in question and the goals of the client.

Expert advice that considers your own distinct requirements can be useful here, to help you identify the window furnishing that is most appropriate for your space. A big factor in this decision will probably be the existing style of the room. You’ll want a solution that complements and blends in with the current décor, as well as being a reflection of your own personal tastes.

Functional and application considerations also need to be made, as well as available budget. For instance, roller blinds are incredibly popular for their ease-of-maintenance, and affordability. Curtains, meanwhile, can be visually impressive but harder to keep clean and are typically more expensive. Shutters provide a classic and elegant feel, but again are usually more expensive that a roller blind.

The team at All Star Blinds is happy to have a chat with you and provide some guidance and suggestions to help ensure you make the right choice for you and your property.

How do I choose the right color blinds?

There are many different colours and textures available, and various factors come into play when making a decision about what might be best for you.

Of course, everyone has their own personal tastes, which plays a big part in making a decision on colour. Then there are the existing surroundings to consider, including your furniture, floor coverings and wall dressings.

Our fundamental advice would be to stick to neutral colours, as you don’t want your blinds to become the dominant visual in the room, detracting from its other features. The best solutions tend to match the colour of your blinds to ensure they blend seamlessly into the walls.

At All Star this is a collaborative process involving consultation between ourselves and the client. While we’re happy to provide suggestions, samples and colour advice, the final decision is of course up to you.

What warranty do you provide for blinds and awnings?

At All Star we guarantee our clients that we work only with the highest quality materials and systems, and use proven installation processes to guarantee a robust finish that will stand the test of time.

We work hard to ensure everything is done to the highest possible standard, but in the unlikely event that something goes wrong our clients can rest assured it will be rectified swiftly, thanks to our comprehensive five-year guarantee.

Our guarantees cover both the materials and installation, from minor to major repairs. If you have a problem, we’ll be on-site quickly to diagnose and rectify it, leaving you with a solution that’s functioning as good as new.

How do I clean and maintain my blinds or awnings?

Roller blinds are a fantastic solution, particularly if you’re time-poor or just hate cleaning, because they require very little maintenance to keep them looking and functioning at their very best. You’ll generally know from looking at them when they need to be cleaned, and all it usually takes is a quick wipe down with a cloth and some warm soapy water, or a non-abrasive spray.

Outside awnings, meanwhile, are more vulnerable to external dirt and may need to be cleaned more regularly. The good news is all it really takes is a quick ‘once over’ with your garden hose to restore them to a shiny and new appearance.

How much should I budget for blinds?

This is another difficult question to answer without knowing some of the specifics around the property itself and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Potential costs can vary depending on factors including the number of rooms, the size of your windows and the style of your property, as well as overall quality of the finish.

To get a clear indication of the potential costs associated with installing new blinds into your property, contact All Star and let us conduct a free on-site consultation and measurement. Once we know a bit more, we’ll be able to develop a straightforward, realistic, easy-to-understand quote that matches your requirements and budget.

How do you install window blinds?

At All Star Blinds we aim to make the installation process as hassle-free as possible. We’re also super quick! Once you’ve agreed to the quote and given us the go-ahead, your blinds can be measured and installed within three weeks. What’s more, overseeing the installation will be some of the best craftspeople in the business.

Once on-site, the average installation time for roller blinds in a three-bedroom home is around four hours. During this time, we’ll work hard to ensure no disruption is caused to the household and, other than clearing any obstructions from the areas immediately surrounding your windows, you won’t have to lift a finger! We’ll remove your existing window dressings, before disposing of them responsibly upon completion. We’ll then employ the most efficient and effective processes to install your new fittings without cutting corners.

The result is a finish that’s built to look great, function well and stand the test of time. And beyond the installation, we’ll clean up after ourselves before departing, meaning zero mess!

Contact All Star Blinds now for a free quote on your blinds installation in Frankston or surrounding suburbs.