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8 Benefits of Double Roller Blinds

Of all the major cities in Australia, Perth is the sunniest and Melbourne is the least. Even so, Melbourne is still no slouch in the sunshine stakes with a huge 2,200 hours annually. No wonder everybody here needs blinds in Mornington Peninsula.

Looking for new roller blinds for your home? Wondering why so many people love double roller blinds? Read on to learn 8 benefits you need to know about.

1. Effective Shading

Double roller blinds provide effective sun shading, whatever the conditions. If you ever need to sleep during the daylight hours, you want a total blackout. There’s an option to achieve that.

Intense sunshine might be too intense during the day. Sheer blinds can moderate the light creating a more pleasant environment for working or relaxing during the day.

2. Stay Private

There are times when you want some privacy. If neighbours are able to see into your property, you can use double blinds to provide that privacy without excluding light completely.

At night, when you have lights on in your home, people can see inside your house. Not only is this a privacy issue, but it can also be a security risk. Double binds provide you with an option to exclude all prying eyes effectively.

3. Low Cost

There are alternative ways of achieving the same range of options. You could fit Venetian blinds as well as shutters. This would provide a method of totally excluding light and also filtering light, but at a significant cost.

With two blinds fitted on to one mechanism, the cost is much lower with double roller blinds.
In addition, if or when you decide to change the colour scheme of your home, you can replace the blind fabric easily and cost-effectively. You don’t need to replace the mechanism. The blinds will give your room a whole new look.

Achieving the same result with Venetian blinds, shutters, or curtains is likely to be much more expensive.

4. Stylish

The range of fabrics you can choose from is huge. Whatever your decorating colour scheme, there will be a window blind material to suit it. Not only is there a choice of colours, but there are also different textures, as well as patterned blinds.

The blinds fit near to your window so they don’t interfere with any other features in your home. The mechanism is neat and discretely hidden. They can fit inside or outside the reveal so if you want to fit curtains as well, you can.

Double blinds can be customised to reflect your style and taste.

5. Ease of Use

Double roller blinds are easy to operate. They can be lowered or raised using a simple chain that hangs unobtrusively next to the blind.

There’s even an option to motorise the blinds. This means you can operate the blind using a remote control.

Imagine finding that sunlight is shining on the screen of your television. Lower the blind as easily as if you were changing stations on your TV. Let soft light into your home but banish the glare from your TV set.

6. Quality Construction

Simple design and quality construction make double roller blinds a reliable solution to your window furniture needs. They have a long life because they are robust and built for long life.

The fabrics used are designed for long exposure to sunlight. They are resistant to fading and so don’t look old, even after many years use.

7. Reduce Fading

Fitting blinds is not just about a stylish appearance and shading you from the sun. Excluding sunlight from your home also has benefits for your home furnishings.

Most fabrics, paint, and even wooden surfaces suffer after long periods of exposure to the sun. Fading affects all these materials, making them look old long before their time. Excluding the most intense rays from the sun, especially during the summer and in the middle of the day when it’s at its height, can extend the life of all your belongings.

8. Maintenance-Free

Maintaining your double blinds is so simple.

If you have shutters, you need to maintain them by painting them. Curtains collect dust and need to be vacuumed or washed. Venetian blinds can be awkward cleaning challenges.

Other than a little light dusting, your double roller blinds need no maintenance. They are not going to add to your housework workload.

Enjoy the Many Benefits

When you compare the benefits of double roller blinds to the other window furniture options, there are so many benefits they’re hard to resist. It’s not just about excluding light. They’re a winning window furniture solution.

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